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Fourfold Studio


At Songbird, we’re bringing the idea of ‘Living Harmony’ to life while building on the longstanding and beloved lifestyle that is the ‘Oxley way’, and the team are excited to announce the appointment of Fourfold Studio, who have been brought onboard to help this vision come to life.

Fourfold Studio will build on what we have already heard from the Oxley community and key stakeholders, and continue to gather stories and establish a legacy of local stewardship for the delivery of community development initiatives. Fourfold will also lead the conversation with indigenous groups to enhance the social and cultural environment of Songbird.

Fourfold Studio are experts in placemaking, activation and engagement. The team at Fourfold have coordinated award-winning projects throughout Australia and support vibrant community places that reflect an authentic place identity and are loved, cared for and activated by local people and businesses.

Visit the Songbird Have Your Say page to get involved and be part of creating this beautiful community.