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Natural Solar


Natural Solar are Australia’s largest and leading installer of solar batteries with experience in working with Government battery programs in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. Natural Solar is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. Their vision is to accelerate the evolution of the solar and battery equation into a fully integrated energy management solution, where the customer has unprecedented control of their green energy, both generated and stored.

The team at Natural Solar have been brought on board to organise and install all the requirements to ensure new homes at Songbird are zero-emission homes. Natural Solar will work directly with the buyers and their builders to create a plan that suits the construction of your new home.

All buyers will have the flexibility to choose when the installation occurs – this could be during construction, or installation can be completed following handover and prior to you moving into your new home.

Natural Solar will provide a full handover of the solar and battery system including registering the Tesla monitoring app and providing a comprehensive user manual.

Read more about Songbird’s zero-emission community and the steps Natural Solar will take to install the solar and battery requirements to your home.